Corona & studying in Amsterdam

Due to the ever-changing rules of the government, restrictions are in place. A protocol has been drawn up in which all measures and rules can be read. This protocol can be viewed via MyAHK. An overview of the most important rules can be found on the corona page of the CvA website under ‘frequently asked questions’.

The AHK will continue to inform all students and staff of the academies through their website and newsletters.

Information and frequently asked questions for students

The coronavirus meant that we had to switch to a completely new living and study situation from one day to the next. We understand that this brings with it many questions. On the website you will find information as well as answers to frequently asked questions, including the following topics: the coronavirus, online education, study delay, Binding Study Advice, financial consequences, visa and travelling abroad.


Download Basic Rules for Everyone, drawn up by the national government.

General directives on 4 levels

As a student at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, you should be well aware of all the guidelines at various levels:

Testing and vaccination

Testing for corona

Do you have symptoms that could indicate corona? Then get tested as soon as possible. For some countries, it is also compulsory to have a negative test in order to travel there. Even if you have no complaints, you will still have to be tested. On the website of the Rijksoverheid you can read all the information about testing.

Vaccinate against corona

On 6 January, vaccination against corona started in the Netherlands. First, all nurses will be vaccinated, then the most vulnerable Dutch people. After that, everyone else will follow. Vaccination is the most important step to return to a life without corona.

It is good to know that every vaccine that will soon be approved has been tested on tens of thousands of people. That way we know that it is safe and protects us well against the virus. A vaccination protects not only yourself, but also your family, friends and the vulnerable people around you. It is understandable if you have questions. Answers can be found at